Do Modular Homes Hold Their Value?

By Avalanche Web Team / May 22, 2023 /

Modular homes have been rising in popularity in recent years for homeowners who are interested in purchasing an affordable home that serves as a flexible alternative to traditional stick-built homes. However, the question remains: Do modular homes hold their value over time? The short answer is yes. Modular homes can have an equivalent resale value…

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Construction of an eco-friendly modular home

How Eco-Friendly Modular Homes Contribute to Sustainable Construction Practices

By Scott / April 27, 2023 / Comments Off on How Eco-Friendly Modular Homes Contribute to Sustainable Construction Practices

Green construction is the future. See how our affordable eco-friendly modular homes contribute to sustainable construction practices & minimize material waste.

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A white room of a modular home with an A-frame ceiling and light shining through the windows. Striped chairs sit near a wooden table with vase centerpieces.

Modular Construction 101: What Is a Modular Home?

By Scott / March 30, 2023 /

If you find yourself wondering, what is a modular home, our guide will explain it all. As modular home builders, we’re leaders in innovative construction.

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Schult manufactured homes Michigan

Schult Manufactured Homes Overview & Buyers Guide

By Scott / September 29, 2021 /

Schult is a subsidiary brand of Clayton Homes and is a trusted name in the manufactured and model home industry. Since 1934, Schult homes have become almost synonymous with quality and are well-respected due to their superior craftsmanship and value-based pricing. Millions of families have chosen Schult for their prefab home of choice and as…

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Adventure Manufactured Homes Review and Buyers Guide

By Scott / August 24, 2021 /

Interested in an Adventure Home? Our helpful guide can help you decide. We cover customer reviews, pricing, the best models & more!

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first time modular home buyers holding their key

2021 Guide for First Time Modular Home Buyers

By Scott / July 14, 2021 /

This is an informative guide on purchasing a modular home for first-time buyers.  What Is a Modular Home? A modular home is a prefabricated home, meaning it is built in a factory. Afterward, it’s delivered to the building site as one or more modules where builders assemble it and place it on a foundation. A…

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clayton homes review

Clayton Manufactured Homes Review and Buyers Guide

By Scott / June 16, 2021 /

Clayton Homes offer a wide variety of home types, including Clayton manufactured homes. These homes range from small houses to duplexes and more. With multiple customizable features available and a significant focus on green building practices, these homes can help you achieve your dream home within your budget. Preferred Homes offers several Clayton models, so…

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mobile home

Comparing Mobile Homes vs. Tiny Homes

By Scott / May 9, 2021 /

If the time has come to downsize, you may be deciding between a mobile home and a tiny home. Small trailer homes have always been a traditional choice for those who need less space, but mini mobile homes have gained popularity in recent years. So which one is better?  The tiny house vs. mobile home…

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Modular Homes for Sale in Grand Rapids, Michigan

By Scott / December 1, 2020 /

Preferred Homes is a premier modular home dealer in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Having been in business for 40+ years, our service, sales, and reputation are second to none. We’re located on South Division Ave, one block south of 60th Street. From US-131 take the 68th St exit and head east to Division Ave.…

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How Well-Insulated are Modular and Manufactured Homes?

By Scott / September 30, 2018 / Comments Off on How Well-Insulated are Modular and Manufactured Homes?

With cooler temperatures coming in this autumn and winter, you will need to know about modular home insulation and R-values.

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