Do Modular Homes Hold Their Value?

Modular homes have been rising in popularity in recent years for homeowners who are interested in purchasing an affordable home that serves as a flexible alternative to traditional stick-built homes. However, the question remains: Do modular homes hold their value over time? The short answer is yes. Modular homes can have an equivalent resale value to traditionally built homes—and in some cases, their resale value can even be better.

Modular Home Resale Value vs. Stick-Built Homes


When you’re thinking about resale value, modular homes hold many advantages over traditional stick-built homes. In fact, one major benefit is the cost. Modular homes will cost significantly less to build than traditional homes, which means that homeowners are able to recoup their investment much more quickly and have a greater resale value.


An additional advantage of modular homes is their speed of construction. Modular homes have a much shorter build time at only a few weeks than traditional homes that can take months or even years. Ultimately, this means that modular homes are ready for occupancy much sooner than traditional homes, and homeowners can begin building equity in their investment as soon as possible.


While traditional homes are built on construction sites and are vulnerable to the elements as well as shoddy work conditions, modular homes are built indoors. This means that they are protected from adverse weather and have a streamlined building process. This not only leads to higher quality in the end product, but it also allows for fewer defects and issues that could potentially lower the resale value.

What Makes Modular Homes a Good Investment?

In addition to a worthwhile resale value, there are several factors that make modular homes appealing as an investment. Their affordability, durability, quality, longevity, efficiency, and customization potential all increase their overall value.


As we mentioned earlier, modular homes are less expensive than traditional homes, which means that they are more affordable for people who are looking for a beautiful home but have a tighter budget.


Modular homes are constructed offsite in a controlled and regulated facility. They are built to withstand the rigors of transportation and installation so that you don’t have any issues once your new home has arrived. As such, they are often sturdier and more durable than traditional homes—which is not only a benefit to you as a homeowner but can also serve you in the long run should you decide to sell.


Because modular homes are built in a controlled factory environment, they are subject to stricter quality control standards and are a product of rigorous tests and inspections. This gives you a higher quality end product that will stand the test of time and hold its value.


It’s a common misconception that modular homes aren’t built to last. In fact, you can expect a similar lifespan for a modular home as you would for a traditional home—and at a much lower price point.

Energy Efficiency

Modular homes are built to be energy efficient, with modern construction techniques and materials that help to reduce energy costs. This can be an attractive selling point for potential buyers, as energy-efficient homes are becoming increasingly popular and can ultimately mean that you save money over the lifespan of your home.

Customization Potential

Modular homes are highly customizable, which means that creative and innovative homeowners can tailor their home to their exact needs without having to compromise. Unlike traditional homes, which may cost a fortune to customize or may require you to renovate after the home has finished construction, a modular home can be easily customized during the initial construction process.

How to Increase Home Value

There are a number of things that homeowners can do to increase the value of their modular homes and ensure that they receive a good return on their investment. Here are just a few:

  • Increase square footage: Modular homes are a breeze to expand, which makes it simple for homeowners who want to add square footage to their homes to do so without the need for extensive construction or renovations.
  • Enhance curb appeal: Improving the curb appeal of a modular home can make it more appealing for buyers and can help to showcase the beauty and other advantages of your particular lot. You can enhance your curb appeal in a number of ways including landscaping, painting, and other exterior improvements.
  • Update the finishings: Upgrading the finishes in a modular home can make it more modern and attractive without forcing you to shell out a great sum of money for renovations. In fact, with minor changes to the flooring, kitchen, bathroom fixtures, and other cosmetic aspects of your home, you can position yourself to have a great resale value.

Modular Homes from Preferred Homes

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