Modular Homes in Muskegon, MI

Are you a looking for a home in Muskegon, where the stunning vistas of Lake Michigan pair with a variety of recreation areas to create a fun and active community?

In this friendly city, rich with history, finding a quality home that’s energy efficient and affordable can be a challenge. If you haven’t looked at modular homes in Muskegon lately, you may be surprised by the choices available.

Modular construction offers numerous advantages tailored perfectly for those who call Muskegon home. Our experienced team will guide you through every step—from designing your dream living space that complements Muskegon's charming aesthetic to the final delivery and installation of your new modular home.

Whether you envision waking up to breathtaking lake views, creating a warm gathering place for your loved ones, or simply desire an affordable path to home ownership, modular homes allow you to craft your ideal lifestyle.

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Building Modular Homes in Muskegon

If you’re dreaming of becoming a homeowner without breaking the bank, modular homes in Muskegon offer an extremely cost-effective solution. Both Muskegon County and the state of Michigan have streamlined processes that make it easy to build high-quality modular homes on private property.

One of the biggest advantages of modular construction is its inherent cost savings over traditional site-built homes. By taking advantage of controlled factory environments and bulk material purchases, Preferred Homes can pass those savings on to you.

Modular homes also take less time to construct than stick-built houses. This shortened build timeline further reduces overall costs through lower labor expenses and financing charges. You could be enjoying your beautiful new modular home in Muskegon sooner than you think!

At Preferred Homes, our local expertise ensures we can navigate the permitting process on your behalf. Our team will thoroughly evaluate any prospective property to determine its suitability for a modular home build. We’ll work closely with you to understand your vision and secure all the necessary permits and approvals to make it a reality.

Contact us today to take the first step toward affordable homeownership!

Popular Home Styles in Muskegon

2001 Barclay by Champion

bedroom icon3 Bedrooms
bathrooms icon3+ Bathrooms
house plan icon2520 sq.ft.
house dimensions icon30 ft. x 40 ft.

2159 Mojave 6702PHD by Adventure

bedroom icon2 Bedrooms
bathrooms icon2 Bathrooms
house plan icon1178 sq.ft.
house dimensions icon16 ft. x 76 ft.

Your Preferred Modular Home Dealer in Muskegon, MI

With decades of experience working across Michigan, Preferred Homes is the premier modular home dealer in Muskegon and surrounding areas. Our team understands the local regulations, climate considerations, and logistical challenges involved in modular builds.

Comprehensive Modular Home Construction

We offer turnkey solutions, handling every aspect of modular home design, construction, transportation, and final installation. Our homes can be customized with additional features like garages, decks, and more to create your dream living space.

Affordable, High-Quality Homes

Modular homes in Muskegon are typically more affordable than traditional site-built homes—without compromising quality. Our modular houses meet or exceed all local building codes and are built to last.

No Restrictions

Unlike manufactured homes, modular residences are considered permanent real property. This means there are no restrictions on using conventional mortgage financing, VA loans, or other standard home loan products.

Our Shipping Container Homes in Muskegon, MI

In addition to traditional modular homes, Preferred Homes is at the forefront of an exciting new housing trend—shipping container homes from Blox. As one of the few authorized Blox dealers in the state, we’re proud to offer Muskegon residents these ultra-modern, sustainable living solutions.

Don’t let their industrial origins fool you—these innovative tiny homes provide a surprisingly spacious and comfortable living experience. Blox’s expert design team has reimagined the standard shipping container as a blank canvas for inspired spaces.

These units are great for Muskegon residents looking to create a guest residence on their property, build an off-grid hunting cabin in the woods, or simply explore minimalist living. Their compact footprint translates to lower construction costs and utility bills compared to traditional home designs.

Find Your West Michigan Modular Home

If you're ready to discover the modular housing solution tailored to your needs and budget, contact Preferred Homes today to schedule a consultation and model home tour.

Our friendly experts will guide you through every step, from customizing your floor plan to securing financing. Make your housing dreams a reality with Preferred Homes in Muskegon.