Your forever home may be just a call away. Preferred Homes is a local, community-driven business that is passionate about providing exceptional, affordable homes to West Michigan families. 

Helping You Find Your Forever Home

The experts at Preferred Homes can help you find the perfect manufactured or modular home in West Michigan and help you navigate financing and placement.

With 40 years of experience, Preferred is the best team to handle every question and exceed every expectation in your search for a modular home. They offer many styles and floor plans of cost-effective homes to West Michigan residents. Whether you’re looking for a smaller home or a large floor plan, you can customize your home to meet your needs.

Modular vs. Manufactured homes

Do you know the differences between modular homes and manufactured homes? Preferred can help you better understand the differences and which one may be right for your family. 

Modular homes are typically permanent homes that can be placed on private lots. They are energy efficient, not restricted by building or zoning laws, and usually viewed as traditional homes for financing purposes. Modular homes can save you thousands over a traditional stick built home—without sacrificing quality or beauty. 

Manufactured homes are built on their own steel frames and have their own wheels and axles for transportation. They can be placed on slabs or piers and offer some of the most square footage for your money. 

Whether you are looking for a modular or manufactured home, Preferred Homes can help you find what you are looking for and help get you into your dream home.

Energy-Efficient Homes in Every Style

Looking for an energy-efficient home? Preferred utilizes a few incredible Michigan- and Indiana-based manufacturers that enable homebuyers to customize a true dream home. Have questions or want to talk through the options? Preferred helps homebuyers with every step of the process. Our experts will answer all of your questions and help you make the right decisions.


After you’ve chosen the design you love for your new home, Preferred can help you add other components, like foundations, garages, decks, and porches. There are a variety of options for each of these components as well. Get an attached or unattached garage, or add a crawlspace or full basement to your modular home. Enjoy one of West Michigan’s sunsets from an added deck or porch.


All of Preferred’s homes are created in climate-controlled environments. This creates structures with integrity because the materials never get wet or warp before they are used. In addition, creating the home in the factory cuts down on normal construction waste. A typical factory-built home only creates enough waste to fill a 55-gallon trash can—not dumpsters like traditional builds can create.


Preferred works with transportation and delivery experts to make sure that your home arrives safely and on time. Our expert staff stays with you from design through to the transportation and placement of your home. Have questions anywhere along the way? Preferred will be there to answer them.

Private & Community Lots

Have a lot in West Michigan? Want to place a modular home on private property? Or do you want the convenience of a community lot? Preferred Homes works with homebuyers interested in placing their homes on both private land and manufactured home communities. We can help you understand any zoning or other regulations that might affect your home or its placement on private lots or in communities.

Exceptional Service Is Our Standard

All aspects of our process are created with customer satisfaction in mind. We want you to have an excellent experience as you design, buy, and build your new home. From financing to transportation to additional components like decks and garages, we are here to help you every step of the way.


Providing financing options is important to Preferred. We want to help you achieve your goals of homeownership. We can answer your questions about what financing is available to you, what you need to apply for, and how manufactured and modular homes may qualify for different financing. 

In-Person Tours

Ready to see what a manufactured or modular home looks like? Join model tours 6 days of the week by scheduling your spot. Seeing the models in person can help ensure that you get a true feel for what your home will be like. Sign up today to tour models and find your dream home!

Community Investment

Preferred Homes is committed to bettering Michigan communities through not only beautiful, affordable homes but also through giving back to important organizations that focus on helping local families and children. Some of the organizations that Preferred supports help to ease food insecurity and homelessness right here in Michigan.

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