Manufactured vs Modular

Manufactured Homes vs Modular Homes

Most people are familiar with Manufactured Homes (singlewides and doublewides). What most people aren’t so familiar with are Modular Homes. We get asked “What’s the difference?” on a daily basis. It can be confusing! We broke it down and listed some of the significant similarities and differences. If you still can’t decide what building system will be the best for your project, contact our sales specialists!


Manufactured and Modular are both:

  • Built-in environment controlled factories – that means you never have to worry about you building materials getting wet or warped by weather changes!
  • Are stable structures because they have to hold up to the transporting to the final destination.  There have been some independent studies of homes after natural disasters (tornadoes, hurricanes) The factory-built homes have quite a bit less damage than dwellings built on site.
  • Assembled at the site by local contractors.
  • On-site assembly at the home site lasts only a few hours to a few days instead of months like site-built homes.
  • Because the factories build so many of these homes, they produce very little waste. Waste reduction helps keep the prices low (and helps the environment). Unlike site-built homes that have dumpsters for their waste, a typical factory-built home only produces enough waste to fill a 55-gallon trash can.
  • More cost-effective than “site-built” homes.


  • Are built on a permanent steel frame.
  • Are transported on the homes own wheels and axels.
  • The most square feet for the money.
  • Are constructed to meet U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) codes.
  • Are sometimes financed differently than MODULAR or Site Built homes.
  • When a MANUFACTURED home is appraised, the value is determined by what other MANUFACTURED homes have sold for in the area.
  • Because these homes have a steel frame, they don’t require a full crawlspace (unless needed by township). They can go on slabs or piers. For more information on foundations, click here to go our SITE CONSTRUCTION page. Because of that, they can also go into Manufactured Homes Communities.
  • Due to the natural mobility of these homes, we offer pre-owned doublewides and singlewides!
  • When going on top of a basement, these homes require cross beams (9-foot walls for basements).
  • Standard roof pitch for a MANUFACTURED home is 3/12 (rarely, townships do require an upgraded 5/12 roof).
  • Sometimes there are building restrictions for manufactured homes when they are being placed on private property.
  • View our catalogs to see what floor plans we have available!


  • When ordering a MODULAR home, the factory needs to know what state the home will be going to. Then, they are built to meet (and often exceed) the local and state codes of the home-site.
  • Sections are transported to the building site on steel carriers which they are taken off from when set on the foundation.
  • Not restricted by building or zoning regulations.
  • They’re incredibly energy efficient.
  • They are viewed as traditional homes when financing and applying for building permits.
  • Modular homes are typically permanent and therefore, are not readily available as “used modulars.”  (If you are looking for used homes, check out our pre-owned doublewide and singlewide selection.)
  • When MODULAR homes are appraised, the value is determined by what other site-built homes have sold for in the area.
  • Because there is no steel frame, these homes need to go on a permanent foundation (either crawlspace or basement).
  • MODULAR homes typically save tens of thousands of dollars when compared apples-to-apples with site-built homes.
  • View All our product lines to see what MODULAR floor plans we have available for you!

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