Modular Homes in Kalamazoo, MI

Low unemployment rates, a vibrant local arts scene, and easy access to outdoor recreation are just a few attributes that have ranked Kalamazoo, MI, among the nation's top places to live.

If your family is considering putting down roots in this thriving community, Preferred Homes is proud to offer high-quality, customizable modular homes in Kalamazoo and throughout West Michigan.

Whether you're upgrading from a rental, relocating for a job, or just ready for a fresh start, Preferred Homes has the ideal modular solution tailored to your needs and budget. We serve families across the state with our diverse range of modular floor plans, finishes, and amenities.

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Our Modular Home Builders in Kalamazoo, MI

Modular homes offer a smart path to affordable homeownership without sacrificing quality or style. With median home prices in Kalamazoo over 25% higher than the national average, going modular allows you to maximize your budget and build your dream home.

Both Kalamazoo County and the state of Michigan have embraced modular housing as a solution to the area’s housing needs. Flexible zoning laws make it simple to construct modular homes on private property throughout the region.

At Preferred Homes, our local experts can evaluate any lot you currently own or are considering purchasing to ensure it meets all requirements for Kalamazoo modular home placement.

Popular Home Styles in Kalamazoo

1023 Barclay by Champion

bedroom icon3 Bedrooms
bathrooms icon2 Bathrooms
house plan icon1754 sq.ft.
house dimensions icon30 ft. x 64 ft.

2001 Barclay by Champion

bedroom icon3 Bedrooms
bathrooms icon3+ Bathrooms
house plan icon2520 sq.ft.
house dimensions icon30 ft. x 40 ft.
New Model On Lot!

2295 Michigan Ave by Schult

bedroom icon3 Bedrooms
bathrooms icon2 Bathrooms
house plan icon1620 sq.ft.
house dimensions icon27 ft. x 60 ft.
New Model On Lot!

2296 Cottonwood Lane by Schult

bedroom icon2 or 3 Bedrooms
bathrooms icon2 Bathrooms
house plan icon1188 sq.ft.
house dimensions icon27 ft. x 52 ft.

2562Z-KH by Adventure

bedroom icon2 Bedrooms
bathrooms icon1 Bathrooms
house plan icon747 sq.ft.
house dimensions icon14 ft. x 56 ft.

2602A-KH by Adventure

bedroom icon2 Bedrooms
bathrooms icon2 Bathrooms
house plan icon800 sq.ft.
house dimensions icon14 ft. x 60 ft.

Your Preferred Kalamazoo Modular Home Dealer

When it comes to modular home construction in Michigan, no one understands the local landscape better than Preferred Homes. With over four decades of experience serving communities in West Michigan, we have an unmatched knowledge of regional building processes, municipal requirements, and the unique needs of Michigan homebuyers.

As a trusted name in modular housing since 1977, our tenured team has helped hundreds of families navigate the technical aspects of modular home implementation. From zoning and permitting to site prep and final inspections, we’ll leverage our deep roots in Michigan to ensure your Kalamazoo modular home project is a success from groundbreaking to move-in day.

Beyond just compliance, our local expertise allows us to tailor your home to thrive in Michigan’s four-season climate. We’ll guide you in selecting energy-efficient features, durable materials built for harsh winters, and design elements suited to your tastes.

Contact us today to learn more about our experience and process as modular home builders in Kalamazoo, MI.

Comprehensive Modular Home Construction

Our comprehensive end-to-end services allow you to truly customize every aspect of your modular home in Kalamazoo.

Work one-on-one with our design team to configure the perfect modular floor plan, interior finishes, and architectural details that reflect your personal style. Need extra room for hobbies or hosting holiday gatherings? We’ll help you add specialized flex spaces, game rooms, or an outdoor living area complete with a deck or three-season room.

Once your plans are finalized, our skilled craftsmen will customize your modular home in an ultra-modern facility using premium materials and techniques. When your modular home is ready, our crew will transport it and place it on your prepared building site in Kalamazoo.

Affordable, High-Quality Homes

With a Kalamazoo modular home, you’ll enjoy significant savings compared to a traditional site-built home. Controlled construction in an offsite facility minimizes labor costs, materials waste, and weather-related delays that drive up stick-built home prices. Our strategic building process and long-standing supplier relationships allow us to pass on substantial savings while still delivering a superior product.

No Restrictions

When it comes to financing and ownership privileges, our modular homes offer all the benefits and legal standing of traditional site-built houses in Kalamazoo. That’s because they are constructed and appraised as permanent real property attached to owned land, not as temporary or movable dwellings.

This key distinction opens up a world of investment advantages for modular homebuyers. You’ll enjoy full rights as a homeowner, with the ability to secure conventional mortgage loans, apply for FHA financing, and build equity over time like any other real estate. There are no special lender requirements, occupancy restrictions, or disparities in asset valuation compared to site-built homes.

Kalamazoo Shipping Container Homes

Preferred Homes is proud to be at the forefront of Michigan’s tiny home movement, partnering with innovative companies like Blox to offer cutting-edge shipping container homes.

A shipping container home from Preferred is perfect for annexing additional living quarters like an in-law suite, home office, or game room onto your property. They make unique remote retreats, too — nestle one along a lakefront as your off-grid getaway or rustic hunting cabin.

Find Modular Homes for Sale in Kalamazoo, MI

Join the growing number of savvy homebuyers who have discovered the unbeatable combination of quality and value that only modular can offer. Browse our selections online or schedule an appointment to tour one of our modular homes for sale in Kalamazoo. Our team of experts is ready to help you discover the perfect customized modular home solution for your needs and budget. Contact us today to get started!