Modular and Manufactured Home Transportation

Your Dream Home, Delivered

At Preferred Homes, we work with our transportation and delivery partners to ensure all of our manufactured and modular homes reach their intended destination quickly and safely. Don’t settle for manufactured home suppliers who stop providing quality customer service the minute the paperwork is signed. Preferred Homes is proud to help our customers at every step of the process. From design to delivery, you can count on the experts at Preferred Homes.


The Process

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Reach Out to Preferred Homes

Are you seeking a customized modular or manufactured home? You’re in the right place. Preferred Homes will oversee the design, construction, transportation, and installation of your new home. 

The first step in receiving your home is speaking with our helpful and caring sales team. They will walk you through all of our options, from single wide homes to double wide homes (our most popular) to modular homes, to find a layout that suits your family and budget.

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Start the Home Design

After meeting with a member of our knowledgeable sales staff to go over pricing options, we will begin discussing construction—75% of our customers use our in-house contracting and construction services. We will walk you through the customizations we offer, like garages, porches, decks, and walk-out basements, truly providing a home that fits your budget, style, and lifestyle requirements.

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Choose a Location

Prior to us starting the construction of your home, you will need to decide on the location of where you want your new home to be—this is where it will be transported to. 

We service modular and manufactured homes to 29 counties in Michigan. We can place modular or manufactured homes on private property in the following counties:

























St. Joseph


Van Buren

If you currently have a parcel of private property, you may be able to put your new home there. However, zoning laws and regulations for manufactured homes are unique to each community, so it is important to check with your area officials before doing so. We are experienced in dealing with many areas in West Michigan and are happy to help you figure out where you can legally place your new manufactured home.

If your home will be residing in a community park, we are able to place it if it is in the following counties:











Van Buren

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Begin Constructing Your Dream Home

Once your design and location are finalized, your home will be created in our climate-controlled environment, where the integrity of our materials remains impeccable, resulting in the highest quality home—no site-related issues, like weather, to worry about.

Our homes can take anywhere from six weeks to 6–12 months to arrive. While your home is being built, our team will begin site construction, including excavation and foundation installation.

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Obtain Proper Permits, Licenses, Etc.

Building permits are still necessary for modular and manufactured homes. These permits are based on your city, county, and state. This may seem like a daunting process, but our team of experts can help you submit and obtain building permits to make the planning process simple.

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Delivery of Your Home

If you have chosen a Preferred Homes-constructed modular or manufactured home, we will work with our delivery partner to transport your new home to you. From picking it up at the factory to placing it onto the carrier to transporting it to your site, we handle it all—all you have to do is show up and move in.

If you have chosen a modular home, your structure will sit on top of a metal frame. A crane will lift it off of the carrier onto the existing foundation. Manufactured homes, conversely, are pulled onto the slab foundation, and a supportive block wall is erected afterward.


Final Inspection & Move-In

Your home will be around 75% completed when it is delivered and set on its foundation. Finishing work will then commence. From there, your utilities need to be turned on. From this point, it will be about 6–8 weeks until you are able to move in. 

The last few steps to take before move-in day involve some necessary inspections, permit approvals, and a final certificate of occupancy. No worries—you can keep packing while our team at Preferred Homes will handle all of these tasks. As soon as we receive that final authorization, you will be welcomed into your brand-new dream home.

Let Us Deliver the Home of Your Dreams

Are you ready to begin the process of designing your dream home? We can’t wait to discuss your ideas, begin construction, and safely deliver a dwelling that your family will love for many, many years to come. Send us a message to start discussions, or schedule a tour of our homes.

Frequently Asked Questions


No, we only handle transportation logistics for homes purchased directly from Preferred Homes.

Yes, we do offer financing through a variety of helpful partners to ensure people with all kinds of budgets can obtain their dream home.

While price will vary due to design, the type of home you buy, and the kind of foundation your home requires, the cost to transport your new home can be anywhere from $2,000–$10,000. At Preferred Homes, we have No Hidden Costs pricing, which means we include the price of delivery and setup on private property in the base price of our homes.