Shipping Containers as Hunting Cabins

If you’re looking for a small hunting cabin that is affordable and convenient, storage container cabins are a great option. They can be custom-designed with a wide range of features and amenities to fit your needs and budget.

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What Is a Shipping Container Hunting Cabin?

Container cabins are made by taking cargo containers and repurposing them into modular living spaces. Since cargo containers are built to be durable and stand up during long trips across the ocean, they are a great choice for placing in a remote or wooded area as hunting cabins. Most cargo container cabins include basic amenities such as windows, doors, and electrical outlets, but they can include a lot more based on your preferences.

Container Cabins vs. Traditional Cabins

Shipping container hunting cabins have become a popular option for many people because they feature many of the same amenities as other small hunting cabins, with plenty of benefits. They are highly portable and can be moved between different locations without risk of damage or compromising their foundations.

Shipping container hunting cabins can be built and customized much faster than most traditionally made cabins. Also, since they repurpose an existing structure, and they’re converted using standardized build practices, cargo container cabins are more environmentally friendly than most other options. A well-made storage container cabin will also feature energy-efficient insulation, heating, air conditioning, and appliances.

How Much Do Shipping Container Hunting Cabins Cost?

The cost of a cargo container cabin will depend on several factors, including the size, amenities, and location. For example, the most affordable storage container cabins we have for sale start at $22,775 before tax. Depending on the custom options and amenities you include, the price can range to $40,000 or more.

There is also a delivery fee that will depend on your location, but if you’re less than 25 miles away—we’ll deliver it for free!

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Shipping Container Cabins for Sale from Preferred

Hunter’s Cabin by Blox

The Blox Hunter’s Cabin is an 8 ft. by 20 ft. unit that includes a working kitchen and multiple eating areas, along with a lounge and bunk area. It features a secure storage compartment and the ability to go off the grid using batteries with a solar pad or generator.

Standard Features

  • Standard window
  • 9 Lite exterior door
  • Two exterior electrical outlets
  • Generator connection
  • Five interior electrical outlets
  • 120-volt electrical with exposed conduit

Optional Upgrade Features

  • High cube container
  • One-trip container
  • Additional window
  • Sliding steel door over the window
  • Sliding steel door over door
  • Sink cabinet with laminate
  • Corner cabinet with laminate on one side
  • Breakfast countertop
  • Cabinet over countertop
  • Breakfast countertop with shelves
  • Two exterior security lights
  • Barn steel over the exterior of the end cut
  • 12V water pump and tanks
  • Camo exterior paint

Hunter’s Cabin & Toy Box Combo

For those looking for extra space to store their quads, side-by-sides, watercraft, and hunting supplies, we also offer the Hunter’s Cabin and Toy Box Combo. This doubles the size of your cargo container cabins to 8 ft. by 40 ft. The Toy Box, which is also available separately, essentially functions as an attached garage to your cargo container cabin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shipping Container Hunting Cabins Legal?

Yes! But they typically require permits to install on your property. Make sure to your local zoning laws to be sure you’re in compliance before installing a container cabin. If you’re working with a local modular and container home expert, they’ll be able to help you through the process.

Can Storage Container Cabins be moved?

Yes, one of the advantages of shipping container cabins is their portability. However, moving them does require the right equipment and planning, especially for cabins that have been extensively modified or connected to utilities.

Do I Need a Foundation for a Hunting Cabin Shipping Container?

A foundation will keep your container cabin level and structurally sound. The type of foundation needed can vary based on the terrain and the size of the container. Options include concrete footings, pier foundations, and slab foundations.

How Long do Cargo Container Cabins last?

With proper maintenance, especially rust prevention and structural care, shipping container cabins can last for decades. The lifespan will depend on the environment, the quality of modifications, and how well the container is insulated and ventilated.

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