Get to Know Our Manufacturer: General Housing Corporation

Preferred Homes is proud to partner with a few incredible modular home manufacturers, our newest addition being General Housing Corporation (GHC). GHC is a Michigan-based company that has been providing elegant, energy-efficient, residential structures since the 80s, and we can’t wait for you to check out their beautiful buildings and customizable floor plans.

Who They Are

Like Preferred Homes, GHC has a passion for providing Michigan residents with stunning, affordable, modular homes. All of GHC’s homes are built to Michigan code, ensuring yours is made to last, no matter what weather our indecisive state decides to conjure up. 

GHC is located in Bay City, Michigan, and is passionate about creating and keeping profits in our mitten state—when you purchase your dream home from GHC, you can be assured you are contributing not only to your future, but your community.

General Housing Corporation custom home interior

The GHC Advantage

There are many differentiating factors that make General Housing Corporation homes charming standouts, including:

  • Exceptional quality: GHC homes are built to last. Being held to the same standard as traditionally constructed on-site structures, these homes actually often exceed those buildings in quality, as modular homes are made in climate-controlled factory environments. 
  • Vast experience: General Housing Corporation has been in the business of modular homes for forty years. With that comes an extensive understanding of how to craft homes that your family will cherish for a lifetime. 
  • Michigan-made: Take pride knowing your home was designed, constructed, and built with Michigan-specifics in mind. 
  • Customization: Whatever specifics you’re searching for, GHC homes offers. Vaulted ceilings, open floor plans, garages, decks, patios, and porches—get everything you’ve envisioned, and more. 
  • Energy efficiency: The modular construction process makes GHC homes more effective at reducing your energy bill—no air leaking out of gapped walls, here! GHC is proud to be Energy Star efficient, meaning they utilize sustainable building processes and materials.
  • Industry-best warranty: When it comes to providing peace of mind through warranties, GHC beats out all competition. For one year after your home is delivered, it is protected under any defective workmanship, and for ten years, the structural elements of your home are under warranty. General Housing Corporation is committed to and confident in their ability to provide incredible craftsmanship in every home, which is why Preferred is ecstatic to have them as a partnering manufacturer.

General Housing Corporation Floor Plans

No matter the size of your family, or style of home you’re most suited to, GHC has a home for you. 

If you love a few aspects of any of the above homes, but want to tweak the layout to truly suit your lifestyle needs, GHC is happy to oblige—customization is their standard. 


David T.

“GHC was our second choice on building a home for my family, but after five months with the first builders we had to switch gears and we are so glad we did! House came in time! Everyone was great to work with at GH! Our contractor was the best and all his workers did a great job!!!!”

Mike S.

“We have had the Alpine (1232 sq. ft) since 1999 and are completely satisfied with the home. It is built well and we have not had any issues with home.

Peter V.

“If you are looking to build a quality modular home, start here and you will be impressed with their people and product.”

Find Your Dream GHC Home Today

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