The Benefits of Shipping Container Sheds

Wondering if a shipping container shed could be the perfect solution for your storage needs? Shipping containers have come a long way, and today’s shipping container sheds aren’t just clunky metal boxes, they are fully customized and furnished utility sheds.

Whether you’re looking for a shipping container garden shed, utility garage, poolroom, or something else, there are endless uses for container sheds.

Considering a Backyard Container Shed?

If you’re considering a shipping container as a storage shed, look no further than Preferred Homes. If you know what you want but aren’t sure how it would work, we can offer solutions and options that can give you ideas for how to customize your space. 

We have had customers who have used backyard shipping container sheds to house tools and supplies. Others extended their living space with the containers, using them for a workout studio or a dedicated work-from-home office. They can be playhouses for kids, hunting cabins, man caves, or she sheds.

What Are the Benefits of Storage Container Sheds?

Shipping container sheds have become a popular option for people all over the country because they offer a number of unique benefits, including durability, mobility, and customization — all while being a sustainable, environmentally friendly option.


Shipping containers are built to be able to protect cargo during long voyages over the ocean. While your container shed won’t be sailing the high seas, you can expect it to withstand storms, wind, rain, snow, and even minor hail. You can expect your shipping container shed to outlast the elements. Some folks even secure shipping containers to the ground and use them as storm shelters due to their durability.


Another great benefit to purchasing a shipping container shed is that it can be moved fairly easily, especially when compared to its more permanent counterparts. So if you’re moving, even after you’ve enjoyed your shed on your property for any amount of time, you can take your She Shed with you!


For those seeking an affordable option, shipping container sheds are a cost-effective solution for space. Container sheds are incredibly affordable, especially when the global economy is seeing a rise in costs for labor, lumber, and other traditional materials. Just as with any project, the total cost will vary depending on the particulars, but apples to apples, its cost is considerably more affordable for a comparable space in a traditional type of shed. Additionally, Preferred Homes offers financing options to those who qualify, so getting a shipping container shed may be more within reach than you realized!


Shipping containers are a sustainable way to re-envision new uses for the materials used in cargo shipping containers. Instead of scrapping the materials, those materials will find a new purpose with you! While the containers you see don’t come straight from the port to our lot, you will find that the materials are given a new lease on life, helping both the planet and your pocketbook.

Additionally, if you’re considering making your shipping container shed a tiny home, your carbon footprint is much smaller than if you were living in a traditional home. Shipping containers are environmentally friendly since they are made from recycled products and are energy efficient.


Floor plans and features are entirely customizable in a shipping container shed! Some people even make shipping containers into tiny homes, so the options are endless. Choose from a variety of floor plan configurations to make your space work for you. And that’s just the beginning! You can choose from a wide range of customization options to have the perfect container shed for your needs.

Shipping Container Sheds for Sale from Preferred

If you’re interested in seeing what shipping container sheds are available from Preferred Homes, reach out to our team! We’d love for you to have the opportunity to tour what we have on the lot so you can truly envision your space. In the meantime, check out what we offer online. Each listing includes pictures, pricing, layouts, and details about the available shipping container shed so you can get ideas or do some window shopping from home.

She Shed

The She Shed has arrived, and it’s time to shine! This affordable, adorable option is available from Blox, the premier shipping container shed manufacturer. This super cute shipping container shed is the perfect oasis for some me-time. Get your zen on with a dedicated studio for yoga or meditation, a quiet place to read, do art, or really whatever you want —it’s all for you! This space features abundant natural light with windows, options for chandeliers and ceiling fans, and all the right accessories to make this space all yours.

Toy Box

The Blox Toy Box gives you the secure storage you need for your expensive toys without having to construct a garage or storage space. The Toy Box keeps your toys out of the elements, secure, and available to you on your property. Get the toy box shipping container shed to store things like side-by-sides, snow machines, ATVs and UTVs, quads, and more without having to worry about theft or damage from the elements. You could potentially even add climate control to the toy box, making it an option for storing motorcycles or other motorized vehicles that you don’t want sitting in the cold. 

Hunter’s Cabin

Easily camouflaged and with the same amenities as a traditional hunting cabin, a shipping container shed can easily be transformed into your unique hunter’s cabin for a much more affordable price. Plus, another benefit to using a shipping container for a hunting cabin is that you won’t have to worry about it succumbing to the elements out of hunting season because of its durable materials and strong construction.

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