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Manufactured & Modular Home Floor Plans in Grand Rapids

At Preferred Homes, we offer single wide, double wide, and modular home floor plans. Whether you’re looking for small manufactured home floor plans or large double wide floor plans, we carry a wide variety of homes to meet your needs.

Browse our catalogs below to view manufactured home floor plans and pictures from several different manufacturers. Most of the homes can be customized to meet your needs. 

Contact us today with your favorite layouts for pricing and specific model information. 

Single Wide Floor Plans

Single Wide Floor Plans Displayed on Lot

Double Wide Floor Plans

Double Wide Floor Plans Displayed on Lot

Modular Home Floor Plans

Modular Floor Plans Displayed on Lot

Available Manufacturers

Clayton Homes: Wallboard Series

Preferred Homes offers the Pulse and American Made Collection by Clayton Homes. These homes have a more traditional manufactured home aesthetic because they are what we call vinyl over gypsum (VOG) wallboard homes. 

Instead of just drywall, there is a vinyl wallpaper over the drywall as well as batten strips. Some of these homes are available with partial drywall instead of wallboard.

Clayton Homes offers both single section (single wide) floor plan and sectional (double wide) floor plans.

Clayton/Schult Homes

Interested in an upgraded aesthetic? Check out the Residence Series of homes from Clayton/Schult. All Residence Series homes are built as either double wide or modular homes and have finished drywall.

Manufactured double wide homes and modular homes are similar in many ways, but there are key differences that may determine which home is right for you and your family. Whether you decide on a double wide or a modular home, our Clayton/Schult homes are a great option.

Adventure Homes

  • Nevada Series: These entry-level homes come with both single wide and double wide layouts. Several single wides are available with base prices under $40,000, making them the perfect option for families shopping for their first manufactured home. Due to the budget-friendly nature of these homes, finished drywall is not available, and some decor options are limited.
  • Mojave Series: Single Section: These single wide homes can be built with either VOG wallboard or finished drywall.
  • Mojave Series: Sectional: Like the single wide series, you can choose from VOG wallboard or finished drywall for these double wide homes. However, these sectional homes have the added benefit of being fully customizable. Additionally, you can even order these as modular homes instead of double wides.
  • Sahara Series: These modular homes are built to the State of Michigan Building Code (often referred to as BOCA code) and have high-quality standard features, such as R-60 ceiling insulation, 5/12 roof pitch, Whirlpool appliances, and so much more!

Your adventure begins here! With our Adventure Homes floor plans, you can choose between an upgraded drywall finish or a traditional wallboard home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Manufactured Home Floor Plans Have Drywall?

Technically, all of our homes have drywall. Our models that have VOG wallboard simply have vinyl wallpaper adhered to unfinished drywall, creating a wallboard finish. 

If you’re looking for finished drywall manufactured homes, we recommend looking at models from Clayton/Schult and Adventure Homes.

Which Homes Have Open Concept Floor Plans?

By design, manufactured homes and modular homes work well as open concept floor plans. Our double wide homes and modular homes in particular will all work well as open concept layouts. 

The only exception is if you choose a very large floor plan. For example, if you choose our largest floor plan at 2,300 square feet, the multiple bedrooms may require too many walls for the home to feel truly open concept. However, we can customize many of our floor plans to help you achieve an open floor plan for your manufactured home. 

Which Manufactured Homes Have Customizable Floor Plans?

Most of our single wide and double wide homes have customizable floor plans. However, the changes we see on our manufactured floor plans tend to be minor. 

If you really want to fully customize your home, a modular home may be a better choice. With modular homes, we can truly customize whatever you want—doors, walls, windows, square footage, etc. Speak with our team about your dreams for your modular home, and we will do everything we can to make it happen.

Which Floor Plans Are Available to View on Display?

Check on our website to see which single wide homes, double wide homes, and modular homes are currently on display.

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My wife and I purchased a home from Preferred to place on land. The experience was fantastic and the home is beautiful. Everyone from the Sales person to the other office girls, Mary & Sherri, through the Set-up, Service, Drywall crews and the owner went above and beyond in every area! I would HIGHLY recommend Preferred to everyone I know and if we ever planned to move again we would order from Preferred and do it over again.


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We are currently in the process of having our new home finished with Preferred Homes. It has been delivered and the outside has been put together and finished. We are still in the process of having the inside done. So far we are really happy with Preferred and all the crews that they have had do work for us. We would recommend purchasing from them. The sales staff was very helpful in dealing with the factory and us. We did a custom floor plan and they were very accommodating with the living arrangement we were looking for.


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