Sell Us Your Used Manufactured Home

Do You Have a Used Manufactured Home for Sale?

Get cash for your used manufactured home when you sell to Preferred Homes. Plus, if you’re looking to purchase as well, Preferred will use your existing home as a trade-in towards your new home.

West Michigan and beyond have trusted Preferred since 1977, and in turn, we’ve given our full effort to get our customers into the homes of their dreams. Contact us today to learn more about selling your home.

Why You Should Sell to Preferred

Selling your used manufactured home to Preferred Homes comes with a list of benefits. When you sell to us, you can:

  • Get paid in cash: If you’re looking to sell your manufactured home in or near West Michigan, we’ll pay you in cash for your home. No waiting around for bank transfers or checks; you’ll have instant access to your money.
  • Use your home’s trade-in value: If you’re considering purchasing one of our homes, we can use your existing home as a trade-in towards the value of your new home.
  • Sell quickly: We work fast. If you’re ready to sell a manufactured home, we’re ready to buy it. 
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Important Things to Consider Before Selling

Preferred allows you to avoid the headaches that come with making typical private party sales. When selling your home to a private party, there are a few important items to consider. Selling to Preferred Homes avoids these hurdles and instead makes the process seamless..

  • Inspection: With most private party retail sales, your home will require an inspection by a licensed home inspection agency. Inspections are completed to assess your home’s current state and ensure the condition is up to standards. Preferred does NOT require inspections before purchasing your home.
  • Maintenance: Typically, if anything is discovered during inspection, it must be properly taken care of before selling. Preferred doesn’t require you to handle the maintenance of the home prior to selling.
  • Check local guidelines: Guidelines for selling your home can vary by city or county. Preferred will check with local officials to discuss your local regulations and ensure those guidelines are met.
  • Ask questions: We’re here to help. If you have any questions along the way, our team is prepared to answer them with confidence. Don’t be afraid to ask anything that comes to mind during the sale.

The Process: How to Sell a Manufactured Home

Step 1: Call Preferred Homes

The first step in selling a manufactured home is to call Preferred Homes to discuss timeline and goals. We’ll provide a ballpark estimate over the phone using pictures of your home. If you agree with our estimate, we’ll schedule an appointment to check out the home in person and make an official offer. 

Step 2: Let Us Assess Your Manufactured Home’s Value

We’ll assess the value of your manufactured home in photos first, and then in person. Your specific home’s value may differ from similar manufactured homes based on a few items. Factors like the size and model of the home as well as its current location can all change the value. Timing might also be a factor if the market conditions are volatile. Whether or not you’re the owner of the lot the home is stationed on can make a difference in the value of your home as well.

The first estimate will be given over the phone using photos of your home. We’ll then schedule an appointment to come out and see it in person. If everything looks good, we’ll make an official offer.

Step 3: Receive a Cash Offer

Preferred will give you a cash offer for your manufactured home. It’s up to you to take the final step and accept or reject!

Step 4: Sell! 

Sell your manufactured home to Preferred Homes. Once you’ve accepted the offer, we’ll take care of the next steps. Our team is ready with answers to your questions.

Chat with Preferred Homes About Selling a Manufactured Home

Whether you’re upgrading to a new, more modern home, or you’re looking to downsize, Preferred is here to walk you through how to sell a manufactured home. Ready for us to take your old home off your hands? Reach out to us today at Preferred Homes for a smooth sailing selling process.

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