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With over forty years in the business of manufactured and modular homes, Preferred Homes is the best place to start your search for affordable and high-quality homes for sale in Michigan. If you’re looking for a manufactured home, you can stay updated on the West Michigan market with our handy email blast, keeping you informed about new listings and exciting deals. There are new houses for sale all the time, so you don’t want to miss out on your ideal new home.

Finding new manufactured homes for sale can be time-consuming, especially if you’ve got some more specific requirements. We’ve been involved in buying and selling modular and mobile manufactured homes for decades, and our team is full of industry professionals, so we know all the tricks of the trade. Let us send top-quality manufactured mobile homes for sale that are ideally suited to your needs straight to your inbox. 

When it comes to manufactured homes for sale, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch today to start your search for the perfect mobile or modular home for you and your family.

Types of Mobile and Manufactured Homes

There are a variety of different types of high-quality homes that we sell at Preferred Homes. You may want to consider a manufactured home where the structure is built entirely off-site and then moved to its final location on a steel chassis. Similarly, modular homes are also built off-site, but in separate parts that are then assembled at the final location. Read our guide to learn more about the differences between manufactured homes and modular homes.

What are Single Wide Homes?

We also have more compact single wide homes. This is a form of manufactured home that is built off-site and then moved to its final location. They are generally smaller manufactured homes, tending to be 1200 square feet or less, perfect for home buyers who don’t need as much space.

You can view some of our single wide floor plans for more details on layout options, but they can often be tweaked and adjusted to suit the preferences of the owner. Buying a single wide house is a great option for those who are just looking to get started with a manufactured home.

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What are Double Wide Homes?

Double wide homes are larger than single wide homes, tending to be 1500 square feet and up. However, a double-wide house can vary widely depending on the layout and style.

For buyers on the hunt for something with a little more space, double-wide homes are a great option, with a variety of floor plans and layouts available. Our range of double wides reaches over 2000 square feet in size, so you’ve definitely got a lot of room to play with.

What are Modular Homes?

Browse through our selection of modular homes to get an idea of the options made possible with modular homes and modular home construction. Modular home construction techniques have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, so there has never been a better time to be introduced to modular construction and a new modular home.

If you’re now convinced of the benefits of modular and manufactured homes and are ready to start finding your new home, our team at Preferred Homes will be more than happy to assist you in your search for the perfect manufactured home. Get in touch today to begin your search.

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"As we have been searching for a home for many months, it has been difficult fighting discouragement. I have been telling my family that the right house and the right people would happen in Gods time. We are truly blessed. Our prayers were answered! Thank you for everything, Wendy. We are very, very, very happy!"

Dan, Michael, and Chris

My wife and I purchased a home from Preferred to place on land. The experience was fantastic and the home is beautiful. Everyone from the Sales person to the other office girls, Mary & Sherri, through the Set-up, Service, Drywall crews and the owner went above and beyond in every area! I would HIGHLY recommend Preferred to everyone I know and if we ever planned to move again we would order from Preferred and do it over again.


Matt and the staff at Preferred Mobile Homes do an excellent job getting back to me when I contact them about our mutual clients. Their service is always top notch and professional. I would recommend Preferred Mobile Homes to everyone I know. Great job team!


We are currently in the process of having our new home finished with Preferred Homes. It has been delivered and the outside has been put together and finished. We are still in the process of having the inside done. So far we are really happy with Preferred and all the crews that they have had do work for us. We would recommend purchasing from them. The sales staff was very helpful in dealing with the factory and us. We did a custom floor plan and they were very accommodating with the living arrangement we were looking for.


Totally amazing staff!!!! Homes were staged JUST LIKE HOME!!! Never seen anything other mobile home store like it!!!! Amazing place. Would definitely recommend. Thank you for your knowledgeable help!!!!!


We absolutely love our home. We had a thunderstorm a couple of weeks ago and our dog is big time afraid and shakes, well we couldn't even hear the thunder in our house!!!!! I could not believe it. Built very solid.


I have personally know the founder, Kim Arnold, since the late 70's. You are not going to find a more honest person to deal with or to buy a home from. My family has been in the manufactured home business since 1961. We have always referred people to Preferred if and when they need something we can't help them with. They have hauled dozens of homes for us over the last 40 years. Always with a handshake and a smile. If your looking for a new manufactured home, go see the fine people at Preferred. Tell them Bill sent you.


We currently are going thru the process with them and it has been awesome. Really good customer service...right before we closed on the house I ended up going into labor and had a baby. They sent flowers and a teddy bear to the house we are currently living in. Extremely thoughtful!!!! Has gone above and beyond would extremely recommend them. Even some bumps in the road we have hit they always make it right...awesome people!


We just toured homes and signed papers for purchase of one yesterday! Tim was so helpful, and didn’t try to push us to purchase. He was very knowledgeable about the homes we viewed, and I’m looking forward to working with the rest of their staff in completing our journey in purchasing our new home!


The staff at Preferred were all so amazing! Thanks for getting us into our dream home!

A Satisfied Customer

Your office staff was very helpful. The set-up crew was very careful and conscientious to detail. Thank you for helping us get a beautiful home! It was a pleasure working with you all!


The office personnel was very helpful and friendly. Thank you for the courteous service.