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How Long Do Manufactured Homes Last?

By Preferred Homes / April 22, 2024 /

Explore how long manufactured homes last, plus the factors that impact their longevity if you’re considering purchasing one in Michigan.

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Shipping container home with door open and windows visible from inside the home.

How Much Do Shipping Container Homes Cost? A Buyer’s Guide

By Preferred Homes / December 20, 2023 /

Discover some of the contributing factors for how much shipping container homes cost, and what to consider if you’re buying or customizing your home with one of these unique units!

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Shipping container tiny home with two windows and a pink front door

5 Popular Shipping Container Home Plans for Inspiration

By Preferred Homes / December 20, 2023 /

Shipping container home plans come in many different sizes and levels of customization. Discover five of our favorite container home layouts and what makes them perfect for creative homeowners!

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A Guide to Shipping Container Homes

By Preferred Homes / November 15, 2023 /

If you’re looking for an easy, compact way to live in a home of your own without causing as much environmental impact, shipping container homes may be for you.

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Senior manufactured home community filled with adjacent houses. Pink flowers and a lake fill the landscape.

Michigan Manufactured Homes: A Primer on Buying and Moving

By Preferred Homes / September 27, 2023 /

Michigan’s manufactured homes are a more accessible way to become a homeowner. Here is everything potential manufactured home buyers in Michigan should know.

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Champion Home Builders

What to Consider Before Buying a Modular Home

By Preferred Homes / September 9, 2023 /

Buying a modular home involves some unique factors that aren’t normally part of the home-buying process. Here’s everything you should know as a future buyer.

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Modular Home Construction

What to Consider When Choosing Modular Home Floor Plans

By Preferred Homes / June 1, 2023 /

Preferred offers a variety of modular floor plans so you can find the perfect home for you and your family. Take a tour of a modular model home today!

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Can You Attach a Garage to a Manufactured Home?

By Preferred Homes / December 1, 2021 /

Did you know that you can add a garage to a manufactured home? Look no further, Preferred Homes is here to help.

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