How Eco-Friendly Modular Homes Contribute to Sustainable Construction Practices

Finding ways to reduce waste, pollution and damage to the environment is becoming an increasingly prevalent priority in the construction industry. Sustainable construction practices and alternative methods of building are used by modular housing companies like ours to help the environment. For environmentally-conscious homeowners, this effort to reduce carbon emissions is an important factor in choosing their home. Modern eco-friendly homes are the perfect solution for sustainability in the construction industry.

Factors of Modular Construction Sustainability

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Because the modules of modular homes are created in a single factory, workers don’t have to be transported to multiple construction sites each day, and building materials don’t have to be delivered there. Workers and equipment are only present at the site of installation when the modules are delivered and assembled. Using modular home construction methods results in approximately 45% less carbon emissions than traditional construction methods. 

Repurposed Materials 

A major component of the sustainability of modular construction is the use of eco-friendly construction materials. With all the building materials at a single factory location, modular construction companies can maximize efficiency and utilize them in multiple buildings. If there is an extra steel beam or panel of wood that isn’t used in a project, the leftover materials can be repurposed in another project rather than being dumped in a landfill or left at a construction site. Compared to traditional construction methods, modular sustainable construction practices produce up to 70% less waste.

Less Environmental Disruption

On-site construction is not only disruptive to neighbors but also disruptive to the local ecosystem and wildlife. Animals that live on the property flee due to the excessive noise, and bits of synthetic materials that are left behind on the site can get buried in the soil of the project site, taking years to decompose. With modular construction, the mess is contained in the factory during the manufacturing process.

Lower Pollution Levels

Modular construction produces less pollution than construction projects that are built on the site of installation. Polluted water and air are detrimental to the health of residents and plant life in the area. Poor air quality can cause issues like asthma, lung disease, bronchitis, and respiratory infections, and poor water quality kills plants and depletes aquatic ecosystems, lowering levels of biodiversity. The construction of eco-friendly modular homes is less disruptive to the site of installation and causes less pollution than standard construction methods because the components of the home are built inside a factory. 

Benefits of Green Construction

Clean Earth

The environment we create today will belong to future generations. As inhabitants of earth, it’s important to minimize damage to the ecosystems of our planet. Global pollution leads to health problems, the extinction of wildlife, increased natural disasters, and the depletion of resources. Taking care of the environment is also taking care of ourselves. 


The use of eco-friendly construction materials and lowered transportation costs make modular homes more cost-effective. Affordable eco-friendly modular homes help people achieve their dream of becoming a homeowner without going into significant debt. Compared to traditional stick-built homes, modular homes are up to 20% more affordable. However, if savings can’t cover the cost of the purchase, loans are available for modular home buyers. 

Energy Efficiency

Modern eco-friendly modular homes are constructed using insulation techniques that are highly energy-efficient. At Preferred Homes, our modular homes use R-49-21 insulation technology, which results in better temperature regulation. The temperature changes in air conditioning and heating last longer, which means homeowners use less energy trying to maintain their home’s comfortable temperature. 

Browse Our Eco-Friendly Modular Homes

Working with eco-friendly construction companies when building your home is a fantastic way to make a positive environmental impact. Take a look at our modular home models to see the beautiful homes that can be created using modular construction. Contact us today, and we can offer you a free tour of models in our inventory. Our team can work with you to create the customized modular home of your dreams built with green construction methods. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Modular Home Construction Lessen the Impact of Climate Change?

Pollution, energy emissions, and fossil fuels that are released into the environment during construction transportation are major causes of ozone degradation. These consequences of traditional construction increase the level of CO2 in the atmosphere, which has been found to contribute to the “greenhouse effect” and raise the average global temperature. While eco-friendly construction companies cannot single-handedly solve climate change, we can do our part in reducing our carbon footprint. 

What Is a LEED Certification?

LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a commonly used rating system for eco-friendly construction. Buildings with LEED Certification, like Clayton Homes, are verifiably sustainable and made using green construction techniques.

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