Modular Construction 101: What Is a Modular Home?

What Is a Modular Home?

There are dozens of decisions to make when choosing a new home—architectural style, layout, location, flooring, cabinets, and countertops. With so many alternative construction methods, the way a home is built is now part of the decision-making process as well. Upon hearing about innovative new construction techniques such as modular housing, many people’s first question is, “What is a modular home?”

A modular home is a house built off-site in an environmentally-controlled factory setting. This nontraditional construction technique makes modular homes an affordable, high-quality housing alternative. Though they have a different construction process than most people are used to, modular homes are exceptional in style and durability. When it comes to alternative home construction methods, modular housing is the future. 

Modular Housing Solutions

Prefab Modular Homes

Your next forever home might just be a prefab modular home. Typically intended to be permanent, modular homes are placed on a designated private plot of land for installation, then attached to a foundation of your choice (crawl spaces or basements). The word “modular” is based on the modules from which they are assembled, and “prefab” or “prefabricated” means that they are built before arriving on the lot. 

In addition to being affordable, they are more energy efficient than traditional stick-built houses. Most financial institutions will treat the purchase of a modular home no differently than they would any other standard house, so homeowners don’t have to worry about struggling to get a loan. We even work with dedicated lenders to make financing simple for customers by giving them construction loans for modular homes.

Custom Modular Homes

One of the great aspects of modular homes is that they can be customized to your liking. We have a significant range of floor plans consisting of 3–8 modules each. However, if one of our floor plans isn’t suitable for your needs, we can work together to create a fantastic floor plan design for a custom modular home. Custom modular homes are an affordable way to obtain a beautiful house that is uniquely and entirely your own creation. 

The size of a home can also be customized. There are standard double wide models, but we can add as many bedrooms and bathrooms as you like while assembling the modules on-site. Add-ons such as porches, basements, and garages are available for any model. You can also choose certain materials for your modular home, such as hardwood floors, or colors of roofing and shingles. 

Modular Home Construction


Modules for modular homes are built in off-site factories. This makes the process more efficient, less wasteful, and less expensive. All the materials needed are right there by the assembly line, so excess materials can be reused, and there is minimal cleanup needed. This streamlined method of construction is what makes modular housing more cost-effective.

On-Site Assembly

Once modules are constructed, they are transported to the site of installation, where they are joined together on the plot of land using cranes and other heavy-duty equipment. After installation, the home will be ready to move into within a couple of months. Six to eight weeks is standard, but it may take up to six months depending on various permits and contracts. 


Modular home construction being environmentally friendly is just one of its many perks. Our modular construction methods use energy-efficient insulation technology. The protective insulation, R-49-21, results in better retention of air conditioning and heating. With factory-built modular housing solutions, there are no materials left over at the site of installation. Because construction occurs in a factory, leftover materials are usually utilized in modular home projects being built at the same time or in the next few days, reducing waste.  


Durability is a common concern when it comes to purchasing a modular house. Modular homes have been proven to be incredibly strong and long-lasting. Modern construction techniques have made modular houses equal in quality to standard houses. When you buy from reputable modular home builders who use strong materials, your modular house will be a highly stable structure that will last for decades to come. The foundations to which modular houses are attached to are extremely secure and unshakable. 

Let Us Build Your Custom Modular House Today

Take a look at our wide selection of available models and see if a modular house could be in your future. As modular home builders, we want to create a space you can settle into and call home for many years to come. Let’s work together to build the project you’ve been dreaming of. Get in touch with us to request a quote for your project, or schedule a tour, and we’ll make your vision a reality.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get a Construction Loan for Modular Homes?

Absolutely, and it’s much easier than you may think. In fact, at Preferred Homes, we have several preferred lenders who work with our customers to give them construction loans for modular homes. We strive to make our houses affordable for aspiring homeowners. 

What Does a Modular Home Look Like?

On the outside, modular homes look much like standard homes do. Most have a standard rectangular or blockish shape, with A-frame or gable roofing. The bottom will be attached to a foundation with about a foot of it visible above ground. Inside, they look spectacular. With granite countertops, artistically cut windows, and spacious rooms, modular homes can look as luxurious and chic as any traditional house. 

What Is Cheaper, a Modular or Manufactured Home?

The difference between modular and manufactured homes is often overlooked, but there are a few distinct differences. The cost of a modular home can vary based on a variety of factors, including size, customization, location, and materials. Overall, both are incredibly affordable alternatives to traditionally built homes! The reduced cost of construction, logistics, and labor makes both modular and manufactured homes more affordable for customers.

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