Building a New Home vs. Remodeling

If you have been wondering what it would take to have a more accessible house, then you have probably started thinking about remodeling your current home. You’ve seen hundreds of homes refurbished on TV, and it looks easy enough, right? Well, consider the alternative to remodeling, and instead building a modular home.

When building a modular home, you can choose the design and layout that works best for you and your family, instead of trying to alter the current space to work within the existing confines. There are plenty of other benefits to building a modular home, too, and they go well beyond just the price and efficiency.

Right off the bat, a newly constructed home will likely have higher market value over your remodeled home. Costs for remodeling your home are increasing, plus there is no guarantee that the project you are working on will add resale value for your house.

During a remodel, you may end up needing to sacrifice space so extra features can be added to the layout. A hallway might end up shrinking, a door repositioned, or you may be getting rid of a room entirely. When designing a new home, you are in charge of how space is used, selecting the size and layout that fits with your lifestyle and your family.

When you build your very own modular home, you will have a perfect sized house for your family. When your family’s needs start outgrowing the space of your old house, a remodeler will be forced to add in rooms or extra space to accommodate, which may ironically lead to too much space.

Building a modular home will also be more energy efficient because of the size of your new home will be just the right amount of space for you and your family. Older homes are not as energy efficient as new homes, and with new materials and technology in your new home, you will know that leaks are less likely and insulation is far greater.

To learn more about building an affordable housing option in the Grand Rapids market, visit us at 6132 Division Ave to see some of the displayed modular homes from Preferred Homes, West Michigan’s manufactured and modular home specialists.

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