Affordable Prefab Homes Make Mortgage-Free Living a Reality

Live Affordably with Prefabricated Homes

Preferred Homes is passionate about providing affordable homes to Michigan residents. We understand that mortgages can be burdensome financially, even devastating to some families. More people are seeking ways to gain financial freedom and lessen the stress load that comes with mortgages. Our company is dedicated to guiding new homeowners through the process of purchasing affordable prefabricated homes.

Mortgage-Free Homes

If your goal is to live mortgage-free, prefabricated homes are an affordable option that can allow you to find a dream house on a smaller budget. Some potential home buyers will be able to take advantage of this option and achieve the goal of mortgage-free living. If this isn’t your goal or you’re not financially ready to jump in and pay in full, Preferred also offers financing options. 

According to an industry overview by the Manufactured Home Association in May 2021, the average cost of site-built homes was about $119 per square foot. The average price for manufactured homes in the same timeframe was just $57 per square foot. Modular and manufactured homes enable potential homeowners of all budgets to own a high-quality home without breaking the bank or spending decades of their life struggling with a mortgage. You can live free of stress when you live mortgage-free thanks to Preferred Homes’ affordable prefab home options.

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Benefits of Prefab Homes

Prefabricated homes from Preferred Homes make great forever homes for buyers of all walks of life. No matter which step you’re at in the process, we’re here to help guide you in the right direction and discover those next steps right alongside you. Why are prefab homes so incredible? The benefits seem endless.

  • They’re more affordable. The streamlined construction process of manufactured homes takes place off-site which allows costs to stay lower than traditional homes.
  • They’re customizable. Just like traditionally built homes, a prefab home has a ton of room for customization. Whether it’s just you or you need space for multiple family members, Preferred Homes has the perfect option. Choose exactly how you want your home to look both inside and out, and the experts will take care of the rest.
  • They’re more energy efficient. Because they’re typically smaller and well-enclosed, prefab homes tend to be more energy efficient than typical-built homes. They’re also able to utilize energy less wastefully thanks to improved insulation, low-energy bulbs, and more efficient water heating systems. Even the layout of these homes takes part in how energy is distributed to prevent waste. With high standards and regulations, manufactured homes offer homeowners a solution to save money on electric bills. 
  • They’re more durable. Prefab homes are structures built with durability at the forefront of priorities. Built directly onto steel beams, these homes are put onto a permanent foundation. Because they’re made in factories, every aspect of the build is highly analyzed and thoroughly completed with great attention to detail.
  • They’re readily available. Preferred Homes works with multiple manufacturers, ensuring our customers’ homes are constructed in a timely fashion. This process is always much quicker than the construction of a stick-built home. Instead of searching around for months and hoping your dream home magically appears on the market, take matters into your own hands and get a customizable dream home right now.

Modern Manufactured Homes

No matter your unique taste, there’s a dream home waiting to be discovered. Preferred Homes offers many styles of manufactured homes, ensuring every customer gets exactly what they need and desire. If you’re looking for a single wide home, our options typically average about 1,100 square feet. Our double wide options range anywhere from 1,200 to 2,000 square feet. 

Manufactured Homes Cost

The cost of a manufactured home is dependent on the size. Depending on how much square footage you’re looking for, the price can go up accordingly. Preferred offers both single wide and double wide manufactured homes. 

Costs are also dependent on the placement of your manufactured home. It’s important to know whether you’d like your home placed in a community home park or on private property. Before making this decision, research your community’s zoning laws and regulations. You can learn more about our transportation process here.

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Energy-Efficient Modular Homes

Preferred Homes also offers both manufactured and modular homes. Modular homes are built to meet your local and state requirements, which means energy efficiency is taken into great consideration during construction. Modular homes are permanent fixtures that are certain to lower your energy bill. Check out our catalog to see what energy-efficient modular homes are currently available.

Modular Homes Cost

Modular home costs are impacted by a wide range of factors. Your price will be completely dependent on the unique customization process. From the foundation excavation to each add-on you select, costs will vary. Modular homes are incredibly customizable with options like decks, porches, garages, and more. Check out some of our modular model homes

Manufactured & Modular Homes for Sale in Michigan

Contact Preferred Homes in Michigan to learn more about how you can get your hands on an affordable prefab home. We’ll take the time to get to know your financial goals and supply the solutions you need to get into a dream home faster and more affordably. Whether you’re looking to avoid a mortgage by paying the entire affordable cost upfront or you need financing assistance, our company will take care of you.

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