Manufactured Home vs. Mobile Home: What’s the Difference?

Are Manufactured Homes the Same as Mobile Homes?

Both manufactured homes and mobile homes are factory-built, prefabricated home structures. Both of these options can be made semi-permanent with tie-downs, but they are not the same. At Preferred Homes, we offer modern, custom manufactured homes. Our homes look and function as traditionally built homes, but come at more affordable costs with a variety of perks you won’t get with traditionally built homes. Turn to Preferred Homes for a custom-built, high-quality manufactured home.

What Is a Mobile Home?

Mobile homes are typically more indicative of a type of trailer or camping vehicle on wheels. You may have also heard them referred to as just trailer homes. These prefabricated structures are movable and do not have permanent frames. Campers, RVs, and motor homes are all examples of mobile homes.

History of Mobile Homes

Becoming popular in the 1900s, mobile homes were an affordable option for those wanting to be homeowners while still being able to travel for work. In 1974, the National Mobile Home Construction and Safety Act was passed, making standards of mobile homes more strict. This ensured high standards for the development and design of mobile homes. The act was updated just two years later with a set of new safety standards and new definitions put into place.

What Is a Manufactured Home?

In 1976, the HUD Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards were released, upgrading the standards and setting the foundation for the modern manufactured homes built today. This new set of standards greatly surpassed those that had been set for mobile homes earlier when it came to the design and construction of manufactured homes. Changes included stricter frame requirements, insulation protection, plumbing and electrical, fire safety, and energy efficiency. This was to ensure persons living in these homes would be safer from natural disasters and the elements as well as have access to proper plumbing and electricity in both winter and summer months.

After the Housing Act was passed in 1980, movable homes built after 1976 began to be referred to as manufactured homes instead of mobile homes. The definition was revised to mean “a structure, transportable in one or more sections, which is more than eight body feet in width, is more than 40 body feet in length in the traveling mode, or is 320 or more square feet in interior space when erected on site,” according to the official Congress statement. Today’s manufactured homes are much higher in quality and style than those created back before the ‘80s.

Energy-Efficient Manufactured Homes from Preferred Homes

If you’re interested in an energy-efficient manufactured home, the Preferred team are experts in the design, construction, transportation, and installation of manufactured homes. These homes are of the highest quality in every aspect. Ease your mind knowing each home is built with absolute integrity and top standards in practice. 

  • Our high-quality manufactured homes are built to national HUD requirements, ensuring safety standards are impeccable.
  • Every home is made in a climate-controlled factory environment with no room for error.
  • They’re built on permanent steel frames. Typically, they do not require a crawlspace, but this tends to be township specific.
  • Manufactured homes are a cost-effective solution to becoming a homeowner. You’ll get more square footage for your money in comparison to traditionally built homes.

Pre-Owned & New Manufactured Homes

There are options for every family’s unique needs when it comes to pre-owned and new manufactured homes. Preferred Homes offers both single wide and double wide manufactured homes, including refurbished and new options. Single wide manufactured homes tend to range around just under 1,200 square feet, while double wide options usually start at 1,200 and can go beyond 2,000 square feet. The team at Preferred will help you determine which option best fits your family and lifestyle.

Experience the Preferred Difference

Preferred Homes is your ideal source for guidance during your home buying experience. Each member of our team has years of industry experience allowing us to offer expertise to every customer. We also offer financing options, so no matter your budget, you can get access to a home you love. 

Our services are comprehensive, giving you the opportunity to relax while we cover all the bases. Preferred can place homes on both private property and community home parks. This allows you to have the home you want in the location of your choice. Remember to check with area officials about particular zoning laws and manufactured home regulations for your specific area. This is the Preferred difference: a dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction and results you won’t find anywhere else.

High-Quality Manufactured Homes

Preferred Homes will provide the high-quality manufactured home you deserve. We’ll be with you every step of the way while we construct your dream home from the ground up with stunning, prefabricated pieces. Contact us today to learn more about the differences between manufactured homes and mobile homes.

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