A Guide to Luxury Manufactured Homes

What Is a Luxury Manufactured Home?

Luxury manufactured homes are built specifically to your needs and preferences by Preferred Homes. Manufactured homes are the future of luxury home building and provide opportunities for customization at more affordable price points than traditional construction methods. Manufactured homes are:

  • Built on a permanent steel frame: These homes are sturdy and can be placed permanently on your lot. They’re manufactured in a climate-controlled plant rather than on site on a foundation.
  • Transported by the home’s own wheels and axles: An experienced truck driver will transport your new luxury home after wheels and axles have been installed. This ensures a safe delivery with no damage to the home.
  • Sometimes financed differently than traditional or modular homes: Often, the financing options for luxury manufactured homes are more flexible than traditional homes. Discuss the specifics of available financing options with Preferred.
  • Sometimes not required to have a crawl space and can instead be placed on slabs or piers: Choosing a luxury manufactured home comes with flexibility in many regards. One way is that many locations do not require the home to have a crawl space. This allows more placement options for your home.
  • Possible to buy pre-owned or used: There are used manufactured homes for sale that you can purchase or lease more affordably than a brand new luxury model.

What Makes a Manufactured Home Luxurious?

From ranch styles to farmsteads, a manufactured home is built specifically to your specifications and needs. Our floor plans are luxurious thanks to the skilled design team and top-tier materials used in the construction of the home. The main factor to consider is that a home is luxurious because it’s built with your standards and desires in mind. That’s what makes any house feel more like home.

Other luxury features include the most modern upgrades in furnishing, appliances, and technology. Choose marble or granite countertops and backsplashes, kitchen islands, additional storage space, and other features that make you feel extravagant.

Floor plans can accommodate higher ceilings, more spacious living areas, larger windows, and extra storage space. Choose carpets or hardwood floors and customize your new home to perfection. Preferred will give you the luxury home you deserve.

Top Luxury Manufactured Home Providers

Preferred works with the top names in the manufacturing industry for our homes.

Champion Home Builders

Champion is one of the most highly-regarded names in the manufactured home industry, and we’re proud to have just added them to our list of partners. Champion’s reputation for building the highest quality homes in North America follows them to Preferred. Their decades of experience allows us to offer our customers the absolute best.

Adventure Homes

Adventure Homes has been voted Manufacturer of the Year for seven consecutive years. With their help, we’re able to get our customers into the award-winning home of their dreams.


Constructed with modern methods and features, Clayton Homes provides stylish options to fit every taste. Own your home today with the Clayton-Preferred team.

Luxury Manufactured Home Cost

Many factors can impact the cost of your luxury manufactured homes.

  • Floor plan: The floor plan you select can alter the price of your luxury home. Floor plans vary in size and layout, which affects the cost of building. 
  • Features and add-ons: The features you choose to add to your home can also change the price. Adding a garage or deck can tack onto the price. The flooring, countertop, and exterior materials you select can add onto the cost as well.
  • New or used: Purchasing a brand new home will always cost more than a pre-owned alternative. Our used models are typically just as luxurious as the newer ones. We recommend checking out the used options if you’re on a tighter budget.

How to Buy an Affordable Luxury Manufactured Home

If you want to purchase a luxury manufactured home on a budget, Preferred Homes has options for you. Buying a used luxury manufactured home is often less expensive than opting for a brand new one.

Used Luxury Manufactured Homes for Sale

Preferred offers a variety of used manufactured homes that are just as luxurious as the new ones. You can still choose your floor plan from the list of available options as well as any features you might want added on to the home.

Get the Luxurious Manufactured Home of Your Dreams

Preferred Homes serves 29 counties in West Michigan. We have manufactured homes for sale, including single-wide manufactured homes, double-wide manufactured homes, and other options that could become the luxurious manufactured home you’ve been dreaming of. If you’re considering buying a manufactured home, reach out to Preferred now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Big Are Luxury Manufactured Homes?

Whether you’re looking for lofts or farmstead style homes, Preferred has a range of floor plans available to meet any preference. Choosing the right floor plan is something our team can assist you with. Plans are available for both small homes and large ones, so the size of a luxury manufactured home is versatile depending on your needs and wishes.

What Features Can I Add to a Luxury Manufactured Home?

The options are nearly endless when it comes to customizing your manufactured home. With Preferred Homes, there are dozens of features offered to ensure your house feels like home. Choose from a selection of decks, garages, landscaping, and other features that Preferred Homes offers.

Is a Luxury Manufactured Home More Affordable Than a Traditional House?

Yes, luxury manufactured homes are more affordable to build and purchase than traditional homes. Discuss your budget with Preferred and find out which stunning model could be yours today.

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