Building a Modular Home Helps Reduce Construction Waste

Weigh the pros and cons of building a modular or manufactured home, and you’ll notice there might be one thought that escapes you entirely. A modular home can save a buyer thousands in speed and efficiency because modular home construction creates less waste than a typical home build.

In 2014, the Environmental Protection Agency reported that building projects created roughly 165 million tons of construction and demolition debris. A new building project can produce nearly 4 pounds of waste per square foot.

By choosing to build a modular home, you can help reduce those numbers.

The rising popularity of modular home construction is helping to create an affordable and efficient alternative to typical home builds.

Individual modules of the house are made off-site in an environmentally controlled factory. You never have to worry about you building materials getting wet or warped by weather changes.

Because the factories can build so many of these homes, they consistently produce very little waste. Waste reduction helps keep the prices low and helps the environment.

Unlike site-built homes that have dumpsters for their waste, a typical factory-built home only produces enough waste to fill a 55-gallon trash can.

Builders can repurpose any excess or leftover materials from one modular home construction for a future build at the same manufacturing plant.

After finishing the off-site construction of a modular home, the unit delivery to the construction site can begin.

The reduction of any work required on-site by normal builds limits construction waste drastically.

A key feature in the design of modular homes is their deconstruction ability as opposed to end-of-home demolition. The materials used in an older modular home can be recycled or reused, and will rarely end up in a landfill.

You can help do your part to reduce construction waste by choosing to build a modular home with Preferred Homes. West Michigan’s manufactured and modular home specialists. Visit Preferred Homes or call (866) 650-7376 today.

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