Enjoy Living in Senior Manufactured Home Communities

Manufactured Homes Are Perfect for 55+ Communities

After retiring or having kids move out of the house, many people decide to sell their home and buy a more feasible option or purchase a second property. Senior manufactured homes and modular senior housing in 55+ communities are an option many older individuals are opting for, due to the peaceful environment, customization options, and affordability. 

Priorities change as we age, and many find that they no longer want to be tied to the mortgage of their traditional home. For older individuals who may be on a fixed income, manufactured and modular homes are a perfect solution that allows them to occupy a bigger space for less money. 

Senior Manufactured Home Parks

There are senior manufactured home parks specifically made for individuals who want to live in a community with others their age. Our manufactured and modular homes can be placed on land you’ve either leased or purchased. Retirement communities with manufactured homes often have many splendid amenities, such as private pool and hot tub areas, fitness centers, tennis courts, community clubhouses, and dog parks. 

Manufactured home retirement communities and modular home retirement communities can make retirement feel like living on a resort daily. In a manufactured home park, you don’t have to sweat the small stuff— trash service, lawn mowing, and yard work are typically taken care of by the facility. 

Custom Manufactured Homes for Seniors

Our manufactured homes can be customized to fit individual needs. Whether you need a home that accommodates a single person or a family, our selection of home layouts can be tailored to perfectly suit you. 

Design the home of your dreams with granite countertops, tile or hardwood floors, a beautiful deck added on, exquisite wooden cabinetry, and any number of bedrooms and bathrooms. We can even add an accessibility ramp for those who may have body aches or disabilities that make it hard to walk up steps. 

Senior Manufactured Homes for Sale

Older and retired individuals can benefit from purchasing senior manufactured homes for sale when they’re looking to become property owners. As property owners, they will be responsible for the manufactured home as one of their assets. Manufactured and modular homes can be resold for a great price, and any monthly payments go toward owning the house rather than a recurring rental fee. 

Senior Manufactured Homes for Rent

Renting a manufactured home is an ideal option for seniors who simply want an affordable, convenient place to live without sacrificing quality and comfort. There is far less commitment involved in rental, so those who don’t know if they’d like to stay in one place can lease without feeling tied to the home. Renting senior manufactured homes also doesn’t involve the hassle of obtaining a homeowner’s title. Simply make monthly payments and end the lease term when you’d like to move elsewhere. 

Benefits of Senior Manufactured Home Communities


Some individuals may become more conscious of their budget while living off their retirement fund. Manufactured and modular homes are more affordable than traditional homes because most homeowners just purchase the house and make rental payments on the land they keep it on. People entering retirement can purchase manufactured homes without going into considerable debt.

It’s important to have a nest egg during retirement. That’s why manufactured homes for seniors are such a great investment. They appreciate at the same rate as a traditionally built home, so reselling is a viable option. For those who buy a manufactured home as a second property, it can be rented out. 


Manufactured home retirement communities provide a space where people can socialize with others their age. For older folks who don’t need the assistance of a retirement home but could use company, it’s the perfect solution. 

Community and connection are important for mental and physical health. Loneliness is an epidemic that affects older generations, and the neighborly kindness of others who live in the same place can greatly increase happiness. Senior manufactured home communities may be the place to find your next golfing buddy, friend to get coffee with, or simply a trusted person to let your dog out when you leave town. 

Manufactured Homes for Snow Birds

Protection Against the Cold 

There’s no place like home—but sometimes that home gets buried in endless flurries of snow. The winter weather may leave some people shivering and not wanting to go outside due to the icy roads. Our manufactured homes are well-insulated and create a cozy sanctuary for whoever stays in them. 

Summer Fun on the Lakeshore

Summer is arguably the best season in Michigan, with our proximity to the Great Lakes and endless opportunities for outdoor fun. Get the best out of Michigan without committing to a full-time property by choosing a manufactured home in a senior community. Spend more time enjoying the sun and less time worrying about property upkeep and winter weather. Once the autumn chill sets in, feel free to head to warmer climates until next summer!

A Rental Property for the Winter 

Many like to escape to warmer places like Florida or Arizona during the winter. When you’re not living in your manufactured or modular home during the colder months, you can utilize it as a rental property during the winter. Many people are looking to book Airbnb homes when they visit family out of state or vacation in Michigan for a few weeks. This can provide you with an extra source of passive income. 

Browse Senior Manufactured Homes for Sale and Rent

Curious about what manufactured home models could fit your lifestyle? Take a look at our gallery, and see the gorgeous possibilities that can be created for you and conveniently placed on property in a 55+ community. Contact us today to learn more.

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