Manufactured Vacation Homes on Waterfront Property

Vacation homes on waterfront properties are the perfect getaway destination. Who doesn’t want to gaze out upon shimmering waves or flowing creek waters while they have their morning coffee? If you find yourself pining for dream vacation homes that are just out of budget, manufactured vacation homes will provide you with more flexibility. An innovative way to afford a beautiful waterfront property is by buying or leasing vacant property and placing your own manufactured house. 

Waterfront Manufactured Homes for Sale

Affordable Waterfront Property

Luxury waterfront homes are just that: a luxury. They are intended to be visited during long weekends, summer trips, and vacations. Why spend an excessive amount of money on a home that won’t be lived in 24/7? Manufactured homes make wonderful luxury waterfront homes because they can be part of an affordable waterfront property without sacrificing quality and style. 

Even for those who choose to establish residency in their luxury waterfront home full time, the money saved with manufactured vacation homes often means that money can be spent on other amenities, such as a boat, floating dock, jet ski, or hot tub. 

A Retirement Getaway

After working hard your whole life, you deserve to treat yourself to luxurious living and relaxation. Retired seniors can purchase manufactured vacation homes that serve as a nest egg, while also being a place to enjoy during trips out of town. 

Luxury waterfront homes for sale provide seniors a space to live out their golden years in a tranquil setting where they can read by the beach, go fishing, enjoy campfires with friends, and have grandkids over to play in the water. With a manufactured lake house or riverfront home, your house will be the place everyone wants to visit. 

Luxury Camping and Water Sports

A remote waterfront property can provide privacy and convenience for those who like to go camping far away from home. Before and after camping trips, your family can spend the night and freshen up in a manufactured lakehouse nestled in the woods. It’s the perfect base before venturing out into the wilderness. 

Waterfront manufactured homes are the ideal match for water sports enthusiasts. Homeowners can enjoy the great outdoors and the smell of barbeque and sunscreen while they take a dip in the refreshing water, as well as partake in water sports such as paddleboarding, surfing, jet skiing, snorkeling, and kayaking. 

Luxury Waterfront Homes 

Enjoy Summer with Manufactured Lake Homes

Manufactured lake homes have become increasingly popular among homeowners. The level of scarcity (not everyone can live along a shoreline) along with the value of excellent views in the real estate market can sometimes make waterfront properties difficult to acquire. 

Why is it that so many want a luxury waterfront property by a lake? Many value the “lake life” lifestyle and see it as a way to be closer to nature, with the birds on the water and the sunrise reflected in the waves. With a manufactured beach house, you can also swim any time of day! There’s no planning around going to a public pool or making a trip out to the nearest beach. 

Boat docking space can be an incredibly burdensome monthly cost. With a lakefront property, you can have a dock built that will never be an extra recurring expense outside of your mortgage. Also, those who love to fish can do so at their leisure without needing to take a day trip. 

A manufactured lake house is great for kids to grow up with. They love to play and build sandcastles along the shoreline, float on inner tubes and boogie boards, and jump off of floating docks or inflatable water park slides. They can also search for seashells along the shoreline. Building a manufactured lake house close to your home is the perfect location for a weekend getaway.

Buy a Manufactured Home with a River View

Lakehouses aren’t the only waterfront properties. Manufactured vacation homes with creeks, rivers, and streams on their property can be just as enjoyable. Riverfront homes for sale give nature lovers an exquisite backyard view. Imagine listening to a creek in the morning as you read poetry and sip your tea. 

River houses on sizable rivers and creeks offer the opportunity to go tubing in the warmer months. Hazy summer days spent floating down a gentle river make some of the best memories. Homeowners can take a swim in the creek to cool off, along with dipping their feet in and feeling the earth beneath their toes in shallow waters. 

Kayaking or canoeing is a fantastic hobby to take up when buying a riverfront property, along with fishing. Many freshwater fish like bass, perch, salmon, and trout can be found migrating in or living in freshwater rivers and creeks. 

Get Started with Manufactured Vacation Homes 

Daydreaming about what your life could be like with manufactured vacation homes? Waterfront manufactured homes for sale through Preferred Homes consist of stylish, elegant options and a variety of customizable floor plans. Get in touch with us or schedule a tour, and we’ll be happy to work with you to figure out the perfect look for your new manufactured vacation home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Foundation of Manufactured Homes Sturdy When Built on Sand?

Our manufactured homes can be built with foundations that are just as secure as any standard home built on the beach. The main concern about having a manufactured beach house (or any beach property) would be erosion, so be sure to look into erosion control methods. 

Can Manufactured Vacation Homes Be Rented Out?

Manufactured vacation homes are a popular rental option. When you aren’t occupying your luxury waterfront home, you can use Airbnb or a similar service to find temporary guests who’d like to enjoy the property while on vacation. 

Why Invest in Luxury Waterfront Homes?

Nearly all properties within the real estate industry are increasing in value, and that applies even more to luxury waterfront homes. Think about it—a 15% increase, for instance, will reap more rewards on a higher-priced property than a lower one. A manufactured lake house or riverfront home is a continuously beneficial asset. 

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