Hack the Housing Market with Michigan Mobile Homes

Americans are on the move more than ever before, steering away from the sky-high prices of rent and homeownership in major cities. That’s where one of the Midwest’s best-kept secrets can come in.

Not only is Michigan a beautiful place to live, but it’s also affordable and becoming a better place to raise a family by the day. Explore what makes Michigan an excellent place to move, and why we recommend purchasing mobile homes, better known today as manufactured homes, in the Wolverine State.

Why Move to Michigan?

There’s a reason the saying, “Midwest is best,” exists. Within the region, there are also few places better than Michigan to move to if you’re looking for a new place to continue your career, start a family, or establish yourself as a homeowner.

Lower Cost of Living

As anyone who has tried to buy a home in a major metropolitan area in the last few years will know, the cost of living in some parts of the U.S. is absolutely eye-watering. However, that’s not the case in Michigan.

Cities like Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Kalamazoo are affordable communities that offer many of the amenities of a metropolis, without having to pay metropolis prices on basic needs.

Both housing and utilities in Michigan are lower than the national average, meaning your largest monthly expenses will be more affordable when you live here. There are also ways to save even more if you’re looking to purchase a new home, allowing you to get more value out of your home.

Natural Beauty

A little-known fact: No matter where you are in Michigan, you’re never more than 85 miles away from one of the Great Lakes. These lakeshores are filled with beautiful sand dunes, stunning lighthouses and cliffs, and azure waters that rival any ocean coastline in America.

The state is also peppered with 11,000 inland lakes, beautiful forests, cherry and apple orchards, and wildlife from coast to inland coast.

The beauty is unceasing throughout the year, as well. Whether you’re enjoying the natural splendor of the Great Lakes in the summer, when the autumn leaves create a kaleidoscope of color in the fall, in winter when the inland lakes are pocked with ice fishing shanties, or during spring when the orchards are in full bloom, there is always natural beauty to be found throughout Michigan.

Job Opportunities

There’s an old misconception originating in the 90s and early 2000s that there are no jobs to be found in Michigan now that so many steel production jobs have left. However, the state economy has quickly bounced back. With over 82,000 jobs being added year over year and an unemployment rate below 4 percent, Michigan’s job market is growing and hungry for projects in manufacturing and services to bolster the economy even further.

These benefits also extend to childcare for working families. During the 2023 fiscal year, Michigan’s state government took the first steps to offer Pre-K for All by allocating millions of dollars for the state’s free preschool program, along with opening new classrooms in the state.

Whether you have manufacturing experience or you’re a skilled worker or tradesperson, Michigan is inviting you to come and plant down roots, making the Great Lakes state a place for your whole family to love.

Buying Manufactured Homes in Michigan

In addition to Michigan having an affordable cost of living, there are also ways to save money even further while still enjoying all the advantages of owning a home. One of the easiest ways to do this is by buying a manufactured home in Michigan.

How to Buy a New Manufactured Home

Compared to purchasing a site-built home, buying new manufactured homes in Michigan requires a few unique steps.

1. Purchasing the Land

Before you start picking out your favorite floor plan for your new manufactured home in Michigan, it’s helpful to have a lot you’ve purchased or leased at the ready. That way, you have a dedicated place to put your new home once it’s time for installation.

2. Choosing Your Floor Plan

Preferred Homes works with six of the best manufactured home manufacturers in the industry, all of which offer multiple floor plans and luxuries like hardwood cabinets, washer and dryer setups, and options for adding porches, basements, and more. Choose the floor plan that’s best for you from the options we have available.

While our manufacturing partners do offer customization in their floor plans, most customers find that the layouts offered are ideal for their needs.

3. Building Your Manufactured Home

Once you’ve chosen your floor plan, our building team will get to work. Our manufactured homes are built in large, climate-controlled facilities that make the building process more efficient for our experienced staff.

4. Installing a Manufactured Home

Once our crew has finished the construction process, our team will cover your new home in weather-resistant material and transport it to your property on large trucks. Around the same time, we’ll also prepare the foundation on your property.

From there, the installation crew will place your home on its new foundation and assemble the pieces of the home.

5. Finishing Your Manufactured Home Installation

Once the pieces are connected and your roof is fully in place, our experts will get to work on finishing your interior setup—this includes everything from hooking up utilities to installing cabinetry, finishing drywall, installing trim, and laying carpet.

6. Moving In

Once your home has been fully installed and inspected, you’ll be able to move in. This process typically takes a minimum of six weeks but can take several months depending on contractor scheduling and when the utility companies can connect your home to their grid.

Used Manufactured Home Dealers in Michigan

Pre-owned manufactured homes in Michigan are an even more affordable option available through Preferred Homes. Used manufactured homes offer the same luxury and value as buying a new manufactured home, without having to pay more.

You won’t necessarily have to give up any chances for customization, either. When you work with us to find your dream home, you’ll still be able to choose your floor plan from the used manufactured homes we have for sale. You’ll also still have the option to add any features you want to the home.

Buy Your Future Home in Michigan

Preferred Homes is one of the top manufactured home dealers in Michigan, serving 29 counties in the western half of the state. With us, you’ll find manufactured homes for sale in Michigan, both new and used, with endless opportunities for luxury. If you’re ready to learn more about buying a manufactured home in Michigan, contact us now.

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