Additional Costs to Consider When Building a Manufactured Home

You can spend months planning precisely what you want in your manufactured home. The design, layout, and features meet all of the required specs, and you might think the process is over after construction and delivery. However, there are elements you may not expect that come along with your manufactured home cost.

Like all homeowners, both manufactured homes and traditionally built homes must pay taxes. Michigan has the ninth-highest property tax rate in the nation at an average of 1.71 percent, and Kent County’s average effective property tax rate is 1.60 percent. Some counties will have different rates, and there may be some taxes for the land and the home.

Once in place, the manufactured home must still have all necessary utility hookups. Electrical and telephone connections need to be installed by the proper utility authorities. If your manufactured home is built on private land in an isolated area, then there may be an increased cost applied for the hookups.

It can be possible to have a landline installed, but again, homes in isolated areas may see higher costs. You will also want to discover who the nearest internet provider is, and those costs all depend on your location and options available.

Your home will also need a septic tank, as well as a connection to a municipal sewer line. If the property lacks access to a municipal water supply, then you will need to be sure that the property has a water table that can provide water via a well.

A manufactured home will need many services and products before it becomes a suitable place to live. Review everything that you will need before building, and check with your local government, so you do not run into any roadblocks along the way.

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