Are Modulars Good for First Time Home Buyers?

Buying a new house can be overwhelming, especially for first time home buyers. Choosing the right location, figuring out a budget, and finding a great layout are just some of the hard decisions a buyer must make. It can be made more comfortable, though, if a first-time home buyer looks into modular homes.

With the rising popularity of modular homes, buyers no longer need to worry about the stigma attached. Over the last five decades, production methods have advanced and the overall quality of modular and manufactured homes improved. As such, building a modular home is much more streamlined because the construction is done off-site, and you can be inside your new modular home quicker than creating a typical house from the ground up.

Another great appeal to buying a modular home is the lower price. Because construction completes in a factory, a modular home build takes a matter of weeks instead of months, which will save you money. You will not need to worry about construction delays, like bad weather, and the construction requires less labor. Modular homes also can cut back on the amount of construction waste, so you won’t need to pay for extra or unused materials.

Designs for modular homes vary with each model, so the home you buy can be customized to match both your style and your needs. A first-time buyer may not find that when searching for an already built traditional home, and it can be overwhelming to see that exact layout you want when hunting for a house.

A modular home provides a modern look and feels for today’s first time home buyers, giving plenty of customization at an affordable price. If you are a first time home buyer in the Grand Rapids market, visit us at 6132 Division Ave to see some of the displayed modular homes from Preferred Homes, West Michigan’s manufactured and modular home specialists.

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