Double Wide Manufactured Homes for Sale in Grand Rapids, Michigan

What Is a Double Wide Manufactured Home?

Double wide houses are considerably larger than single wide houses, at a size of 1500 square feet and above. However, the size of a double wide home can vary greatly in measurement and spaciousness based on layout and design.

Our double wide manufactured homes for sale in Grand Rapids are available with layouts that exceed 2000 square feet. They consist of two bathrooms and three to four bedrooms. The space offered by a double wide is beneficial for families with multiple children, or those who would like extra space for an art studio, home office, workout space, home theater, playroom, or guest room. 

Creating Custom Manufactured Homes

Preferred Homes allows customers to customize the layout of their manufactured home, and the possibilities are endless. Custom manufactured homes can have added features tuned to your liking, including:

  • Foundation: Piers and slabs are available for manufactured homes, as well as crawl spaces and basements for modular homes. 
  • Layout: We offer a wide variety of layout options that can be tweaked to your liking and custom-built. Design your own home with a custom double wide manufactured home.  
  • Garages: We can build a garage attached to your house or can create a separate detached garage for parking and winter storage. 
  • Porches: Our double wide manufactured homes can feature covered porches—screened-in, with windows, or open with railings—that increase property value.
  • Basements: Need extra space for storage? Our team of builders can construct a walk-out basement or crawl space that suits your needs. 
  • Sunrooms: Three-season sunrooms are a comfy addition to your home that gives the property a luxurious appeal. 

Double Wide Home Features

The standard double wide manufactured home consists of two bathrooms and typically three bedrooms, but that doesn’t have to be the limit. You can create more bedrooms or bathrooms with custom layouts, such as a home with three bathrooms and five bedrooms. 

A major perk of double wide homes is that they tend to look a bit more like traditionally built houses, and can have multiple floors. Their build is wider, giving a shorter and more sprawled-out appearance. Double wide houses are also more customizable, as additional rooms give way to more design possibilities. 

Our Modular and Manufactured Homes for Sale in Michigan 

Building Michigan Manufactured Homes

At Preferred Homes, we work with you to create the house of your dreams. Our team of builders collaborates with you to figure out the ideal design and materials to use. After meeting with our staff to discuss pricing options and what works well with your budget, we’ll go over construction plans. We can use in-house contractors or contractors of your choosing.

After designing your dream home, you decide on the location of placement, and we start construction. This process can take anywhere from six weeks to a year. Our team then delivers your home at a reasonable price to the area of your choosing and conducts a final inspection. Within six to eight weeks of this step, your home will be ready to be lived in. 

Double Wide Home Prices

The average base cost of double wide manufactured homes for sale in Grand Rapids is $128,500 at Preferred Homes, which includes setup cost. However, the average price is higher if the home is going on private property, as it would need to be include well, septic, foundation, electric, etc. Most of the financial lenders we work with like individuals to have a credit score of 670 or higher, but credit scores as low as 580 can get approval for a loan. 

Double wide home prices are influenced by several factors, such as:

  • Customization: The more complex the customization of a home is, the more the final product will cost. Custom manufactured homes can be as simple or complex as you like. 
    • Size: The range of our double wide homes spans from 1200 square feet to 2280 square feet. Larger homes require longer assembly time and more materials, increasing the price. 
    • Materials used: The materials used in the construction of building the interior and exterior of your home will be a component that determines the total cost of your double wide house. 
  • Location of land: Like any other property, manufactured and modular homes are subject to land taxation and will be influenced by local property values. The land you buy or rent will impact the cost of your home. 

Benefits of Double Wide Manufactured Homes

Double wide homes for sale in Michigan offer a multitude of benefits, including inexpensive construction, sustainability, quicker building time, and appreciating value. 

Cost Effective Methods

Manufactured homes for sale in Grand Rapids are going to cost less than standard available housing options. Due to the lowered cost of on-site construction and less wasted material, factory-built homes are an affordable option for individuals and families to become homeowners without sacrificing quality. 

Sustainable Construction

Michigan manufactured homes offer a fantastic way to be environmentally responsible when building a home. Because our homes are built in a factory alongside other construction projects, excess materials are utilized rather than being left or thrown out at the site of construction. 

Fast Turnaround

In the controlled environment of our warehouses, we don’t need to halt projects due to rain or other unforeseen weather conditions. Our process is efficient and systematic, delivering your brand-new home to you in the fastest timeline possible. 

Appreciating Investment

Double wide manufactured homes appreciate in value at approximately the same rate as a traditional home. Your property will have a high resale value and is a great asset that can contribute to wealth accumulation later in life. 

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Our double wide model homes are crafted with elegance and strength. We have a variety of stylish layout options and can customize them to your liking. Our double wide modular homes and manufactured homes are among the best in the industry. Let’s get started with planning our project together so we can create the beautiful space you’ll be happy to call home.  

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