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What to Consider Before Buying a Modular Home

By Preferred Homes / September 9, 2023 /

Buying a modular home involves some unique factors that aren’t normally part of the home-buying process. Here’s everything you should know as a future buyer.

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Newly installed manufactured home on grassy property.

Can I Put a Manufactured Home on My Property?

By Scott / December 21, 2021 /

Wondering if you can place a manufactured home on your property? Probably—though it depends on your local land usage laws and building ordinances.

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first time modular home buyers holding their key

2021 Guide for First Time Modular Home Buyers

By Scott / July 14, 2021 /

This is an informative guide on purchasing a modular home for first-time buyers.  What Is a Modular Home? A modular home is a prefabricated home, meaning it is built in a factory. Afterward, it’s delivered to the building site as one or more modules where builders assemble it and place it on a foundation. A…

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