Need to Move a Manufactured Home?

Though there are those who still refer to them as mobile homes, manufactured homes are not quite as easy to move as their predecessors were. Back in the day, a mobile home owner could hitch their home to the backend of a big truck and move on down the road. But a lot has changed between then and now. You need a manufactured home transporter.

Building, highway, and zoning laws all come into play when a modern manufactured home is moving. It doesn’t matter if the house is new or used, or whether you’re driving it to or from the manufacturing facility, private land, a mobile home park, or a manufactured home community. Transportation of manufactured homes requires a professional who knows what they’re doing.

Manufactured Home Transporter Considerations

Permits Required – Factory-built homes are considered over-sized and require a wide-load license upon transport on public roadways. The company that moves the home procures these. But there are other permits that homeowners may have to acquire. Permits to connect to local utilities may be required depending on where your manufactured home is being set up. Building permits are always required when placing a manufactured home on a permanent foundation. New residential buildings can be subject to inspections and occupancy permits as well.

Zoning Regulations – Most neighborhoods, manufactured home communities, and mobile home parks have zoning regulations. These codes address issues such as where on a plot of land you may place the home, size restrictions, exterior construction, and even specific ratings when it comes to wind speeds or snow loads. Also, communities and mobile home parks often have homeowner associations (HOA) that can set forth rules concerning:

  • the age of manufactured home allowed
  • deck shed, and carport construction
  • tongue and hitch removal
  • landscaping and more!

It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing from the factory or you’ve found a great deal on a used home. If you need to transport it, you need qualified professionals to do the job.

In West Michigan, Preferred Homes began with a man and his truck. Professional transportation and set-up of manufactured homes isn’t a side-job for Kim Arnold and his dedicated hauling team. It’s what they do best. Detail oriented, experienced, honest, and dependable, Preferred Homes is committed to making each transportation, and set-up experience live up to their Preferred standards. For more information, call West Michigan’s manufactured home specialist – Preferred Homes – at 866-650-7376.

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