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YES! Financing is STILL out there for both used and new prefab homes! Excellent to Good Credit? As one of the premier manufactured homes dealers in the state, Preferred Homes offers sound advice on getting the best financing for our clients in the state of Michigan. Unlike many retailers who leave you on your own to find lenders, we will connect you with the right banks to help you obtain your dream manufactured home. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

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Our Credit Analysis Will Answer:

  • What type of financing options are available
  • What to expect for a down payment
  • What loan value you could be approved for
  • What monthly payment range to expect

Please note: If you have filed for bankruptcy, manufactured homes dealers require you to have been discharged for at least two years with re-established credit to apply for a loan. If you have had a foreclosure or a short sale, you will need to wait at least three years before applying for a mortgage. The most important thing to do after either of these situations is to reestablish your credit. Go to your local bank and start with a secured loan if you are unable to obtain other forms of credit.

Unsure of Your Credit?

There are loan options for many different credit situations. Call us today to see what we can do for you! Most lenders prefer to see scores of around 670 or higher. Depending on the loan, however, some will go as low as 580. Remember – the lower the score, the higher the required down payment!

Unsure of what your credit score is? Like other manufactured homes dealers, Preferred Homes offers a free credit analysis! Our credit analysis will answer these four important questions about financing a manufactured home- with absolutely NO obligation!

After Pre-Approval, Start Gathering the Following Documents

  • Driver’s License
  • 2 months of bank statements for the account that your down payment is coming from
  • W2’s (for each applicant for past 2 years, self-employed need 2 years complete federal tax info)
  • Pay Stub (dated after the application date) or Awards Letters (must receive child support or any other fixed income for at least 3 years to use for financing purposes)

If the Home is Going on Private Property, Please Also Gather:

  • Copy of property deed
  • Site bid quotes
  • Survey
  • If the land is NOT in your name and you are doing a “Home Only” loan, you will need written permission from property owner

If the Home is Going into a Park, You Will Need:

  • Signed park lease
  • Signed Park Incentive Form (If park offers move-in incentive!)

Who we work with:

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Financing is only available for Michigan Buyers

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